Welcome to A Grotto of Poppies!

This webcomic inspired by a series of short stories written by a famous occultist, Dione Fortune called, The Secrets of Dr. Taverner. The stories are about a psychiatrist, Dr. Taverner and his protégé Dr. Rhodes and the various mysteries that abound from patients at their sanitarium. I fell in love with this idea and thought that it would be a great premise for a comic series.
At this point I will also issue a warning, in this comic there will be some scenes of graphic violence and occult content. These subject matters may offend some people, in which case I urge that you do not read this comic.
If you aren’t sure how you feel but have heard stories, then maybe read about the background and the thought process behind the creation of this comic to get an idea of what this webcomic’s philosophy is.
Are you still with me? Fantastic! Then let’s begin!